Overcoming Common Weight Loss Obstacles

by Carla on August 5, 2011

Weight Loss Obstacles As I continue on my plight to ‘getting my sexy in tack by age 40’ next March, my first step is identifying where I am falling through the cracks and ending up at the “I am starting all over” point, which is by the way every Monday. This week, I have been eating better than normal and I have gone to the gym and completed a treadmill/elliptical workout.

Firstly, I am sure that you all can identify with this, gym consistency (committing along with staying consistent) is one is one of the biggest obstacles I face.  Fortunately, I have a little voice on my shoulder (my seven year old daughter) that loves to go to the childcare center at the gym, so it is an extra push because every day she wants to go to the gym to play.  Bad part is, when I don’t feel like going, I have to find a reason to tell her ‘not today’.  Not an easy thing to do so it is easier for me just to go.

In addition, my attention span on the workout machines is like that of a toddler.  I am always watching the clock.  I listen to music while I am working out and that seems to sway my attention some, but only slightly.  I have tried the covering the time with a towel and that doesn’t work because guess what….I always find myself peeking.  I am not really a fan of classes and would much rather the treadmill/elliptical as I feel like I get a better workout.

Second issue is, I know that I have, is not eating often enough.  Sometimes I am just not hungry and there are times, especially when I am working, that time just passes by rapidly only for me to realize six hours later (not good) that I have not eaten.  I know, I know, that slows my metabolism down so I am trying to stay on top of that.

Third issue that I have is my portion sizes.  They are not unusually large, like I am not getting two value meals instead of one, but really and truly one value meal at an average fast food restaurant, is a larger portion then what should be eaten.  I have been able to somewhat combat this issue with being on Weight Watchers, but I haven’t mastered the art as of yet.

Fourth and final issue is I do not hydrate my body enough.  It is not that I have a problem with drinking water, per se.  In fact, I actually love an ice cold bottle of the Walmart water.  Have you tried that brand?  It is so good and it comes in 20 ounce bottles, as opposed to 16 ounces and it is only $4.88 per case!  However, the problem is whether it be water, juice or soda, I do not consume that much liquid of any sort in a day’s time.  I am just not that thirsty.  I have tried and tried and I just can’t do it.  It seems like such a project getting it done!

In a nutshell, my problem areas are:

  • Exercise consistency
  • Frequency of eating
  • Portion control
  • Water consumption

Now that I have identified the problem, the battle is halfway done.  Now, like Dr. Phil says “you have to own the problem”!  I am owning it and devising a solid plan of attack….that will be coming soon so definitely stay tuned!

What do you struggle with in your weight loss efforts? What have you done to overcome these struggles?  I need your tips!

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  • http://www.korrupted.net Marcellus King

    The portion sizes are my biggest obstacle right now alongside getting regular exercise. My current goal is to run two straight miles without stopping on the treadmill and then doing the same outside. In addition to diet, I’ve been on a low carb diet that’s supposed to last 4 weeks before I go back onto my regular diet. And let me tell you, I can’t wait!! haha

    A good tool to look up is Michi’s list. Comes in pretty handy.

  • Carla

    Ah yes the portion sizes. I really believe it is not so much what you eat, it is how much you eat. Run two miles…whewwwwww I wish I could…one day. LOL Thanks for the info, I am going to look that up for sure.