I Have Officially Broken Up!!

by Carla on October 11, 2012

So I decided to transition to natural.  Nope, it has nothing to do with a fad, but everything to do with me wanting to be chemical free.  My decision was based on three four reasons, the first, and most important, was the only way I can 150% learn how to deal with my all natural daughter’s hair was to totally take a step into her world.  Although what works for her hair, may not work for mine, getting in the ballpark was half the battle.  Her hair has not been thriving the way I knew it could and should have been.   A relaxer for her hair was NOT an option, so I had to convert to the natural side.

The second reason was, again, I wanted to be chemical free.  About 11 years ago I had a bad experience with a ‘bad’ relaxer and the middle of my hair decided to part ways from my scalp.  Can you say tragedy?  I got through it but the daunting memories lives forever in my mind and every time since then, that I get a perm, I have to say a ‘please don’t let this be another bad perm’ prayer.  You see, there is nothing wrong with having short hair, but if I am going to have short hair, I want it to be a totally voluntary event.  So instead of going through that drama every four months, I decided it was time for Ms. Relaxer to go.

The third reason, I said to myself, why not have the best of both worlds – curly on some days and straight on others.  While I can have somewhat of a curly look with relaxed hair, it is truly not my idea of the curly look that I love.  The summer time, which is the peak of my laziness when it comes to my hair, is the time when I just want to wash and go.

Trust and believe it is not easy, but attainable.  It has ZERO to do with my not so coarse texture, contrary to what I have been told and what many people believe.  Transitioning is for ANYONE, but it does take getting to know what works for you and your hair.  I was one who always thought there was so much work involved with going natural.  I have learned some valuable tricks of the trade from some natural pros who have mastered the art.

Oh yeah, another reason was that I refuse to put my hair in the care of stylists who well, all they really do is style my hair.  Hair care and hair styling are two very different things and many focus on the latter.  It is my responsibility to learn about the hair that is on my head and how to deal with it as there is no one size fits all when it comes to hair care.  Should I need a cut, well then I will stay in my lane and go to a beautician but caring for my hair is my job.  I have always been one to believe, I will not pay for something that I know to do myself.  I can use that $65 or more a week for something else. (speaking from a researchers voice)

Stay tuned in for a look at my transitioning styles, regi, products and more.

So that’s my transitioning story.  What’s yours?

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Back on the Scene – Really This Time

by Carla on September 23, 2012

Why put off tomorrow, what you can do today?  That was the statement that I uttered to myself, shortly before I began to get DML in action again, because it has indeed been a while.  You’ll know how life is!  Well life got in the way is an understatement but by the grace of God (and I mean that from the bottom of my presently beating heart), my brief moment of silence was filled with positive interruptions.  Grad school, family life, kid sports, traveling, work and more.  But it is all good, it is all worth it and while  it all continues….I am back.

I was going to come back on the scene next week, but putting off to tomorrow thing made me come back today.  So will chat soon and my motto of the day is (as I ordered a bunch of stuff off the net today):

Hey at least if you are going to spend then at least get something out of the deal like cash back, money of coupons and/or free shipping.  Trust and believe, there is a method to my madness.

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December 30, 2011
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